Elijah R. Billingsley
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Emeline Northcott Mary DeGraw

Elijah Randolph Billingsley was born 20 November 1806 in Knoxville Tennessee and grew up in Missouri and Gibson County, Tennessee. In 1828 he married Emeline Northcott, and in about 1835 he moved his family to Pontotoc County, Mississippi, where he became a judge. In 1845 he joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, moving with his family to Mt. Pisgah, a way station on the Mormon Trail, continuing on to Salt Lake City in 1850. From 1852-1865 he lived in Provo, where he was an alderman and attorney. He married Mary DeGraw in 1857. He and his family were among the original settlers of St. Joseph in the Muddy Mission (later Nevada), where he served in county leadership. When that mission was abandoned, he and his family became founding members of the United Order in Orderville, where he also served as patriarch. He and Emeline had 11 children, and he and Mary had 9. Elijah died 28 September 1888.

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