Genealogy of Elijah Billingsley
Mount Carmel Kane County April 8th 1875

I Elijah Billingsley was the son of Jephtha Billingsley and Miriam Randolph I was born November 20th 1806 in Knox County Tennesee my Father was the son of Samuel Billingsley and Jane Milesap from Georgia. I was baptised into the Church in 1845 was baptised by James Cummings and confirmed by Brigham Young and was Ordained a Seventie the same day in Nauvoo left Nauvoo and moved to Pisgah in 1846 stayed in Pisgah 4 years and then moved to Salt Lake City in 1850 I lost 2 children in Pisgah was in Salt Lake City 2 years and then moved to Provo and stayed there untill 1865 I was Alderman and Bishops Councilor and Prosecuting Attorney in 1865 I went to the Muddy while there my House and Propperty was burnt up we were 6 years at the Muddy and then I moved to Long Valley and on my way I received $100.00 from my son I settled at Mount Carmel and have been there ever since in 1851 I and my 1st Wife Emiline Northcut had our endowments in Salt Lake City and in 1857 I had my Wife Emaline Northcut and Mary Degraw sealed to me and at this time we have 7 children liveing I was Ordained an High Priest in St. George by Prest. William Fawcett April 8th 1875


From St. George High Priests Quorum Record, Book 15649 Page 202, LDSCA LR 7836 13 reel 1; also on LDSCA CR 375 8