Elijah Randolph Billingsley
by Norma Brown Billingsley Dallof

He was born 20 Nov. 1806, Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee. He married Emaline L. Northcott, 21 Feb. 1828, who was born 7 Dec., 1806. She was born in Rutherford County, Tennessee.

They had a large family of 11 children.

Miriam J. Billingsley Born: 31 Jan. 1829 Tenn.
William B.C. Billingsley Born: 8 Jan. 1831 Tenn.
Tabitha L. Billingsley Born: 6 Nov. 1832 Tenn.
James L. Billingsley Born: 11 Dec. 1834 Tenn.

After James was born they moved to Mississippi, where Elijah raised cotton and become a Judge and served in the community. He was known as Judge Billingsley.

Joanne A. Billingsley Born: 5 May 1837 Miss.
Archibald H. A.
Northcott Billingsley Born: 4 Oct. 1839 Miss.
Margeret J. Billingsley Born: 22 Sep. 1841 Iowa
Martha I.Billingsley Born: 13 Jan. 1844 Miss.
Joseph S. Billingsley Born: 12 Sep. 1846 Iowa
Elijah M. Billingsley: Born: 4 Aug 1848 Iowa
Emeline V. Billingsley Born: 15 Sep. 1852 Utah

Judge Billingsley renounced his Judgeship, when he joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He said, you could not be a Judge and be a good Latter Day Saint. Their last child was born in Salt Lake City, Utah.

They left their big mansion and their slaves in Mississippi. The slaves wept hard to see their master go north, as he was so good to them. He was very wealthy.

His 1st wife Emaline died 5 Nov. 1882, Provo, Ut.

His 2nd wife was Mary DeGraw. They had 9 children.

Jesse E. Billingsley Born: 19 Nov. 1859 Provo, Ut.
Elizabeth M. Billingsley Born: 3 May 1862 Provo, Ut.
Mary E. Billingsley Born: 20 Aug. 1864 Provo, Ut.
Maria L. Billingsley Born: 16 Jan. 1867 Nev.
Altamie S. Billingsley Born: 13 Sep. 1869 Nev.
John Billingsley Born: 27 Jan. 1872 Ut.
George A. Billingsley Born: 26 Jun. 1874 Ut.
Ida Billingsley Born: 23 Sep. 1876 Ut.
Samuel Billingsley Born: 23 Sep. 1884 Ut.

Elijah Randolph Billingsley was a devout Latter-day Saint. The church in those days practiced the United Order. Elijah Billingsley was a wealthy man and put all his money in this United Order. This was where everything was deeded over to the Bishop of the Church, and the Bishop would give it back to you as you needed it. There were contracts made for those who joined this United Order. There was cheating among this Order. It was not long that Elijah Billingsley found himself quite penniless. This was the end of the United Order.

Written by Norma Brown Billingsley Dallof